Office job is making me miserable but no other options with my engineering degree. Can someone please offer advice?

Located in the United States. I’m only two years out of school and in that time I’ve been with two different companies as a full time engineer. The office life is killing me but I don’t know what else I could possibly like that would be a successful career.

I make well above the average salary for my experience level and have a good job with a good company with good benefits. While I was putting myself through school I worked a variety of jobs as an independent contractor and made about the same as I do now, just no benefits. I miss the freedom of that life so much, the only thing holding me back is the benefits because I am having fairly significant health problems, and because this was my “dream job” that I worked so hard to get. I’m just not happy with it, and there’s nothing wrong with the job itself so I don’t think finding another job would fix it.

I hate being tied down to set schedule, working in a depressing office, not being able to get time off for doctor’s appointments or to live my life, I hate mornings so I go to bed super early every night and have no life outside work. I’ve always been such a hard worker and worked way more than 40 hours a week my entire life but now it’s like 40 hours is completely exhausting and killing my mental and physical health.

I like engineering and the idea of this job I’m just having such a hard time settling into an office work environment. I’m just wondering if anyone has gone through something like this and could offer any advice. I should also mention that I was not a traditional student and am currently 28 so I feel like I’m running out of time to start over, if I even had any idea what I wanted to do. Thanks.

TLDR: working an 8-5 office job is making me miserable. My degree is in engineering and 8-5 office jobs are the only option I can find with my degree. I want to be successful, make a lot of money and live a comfortable life. This career path should get me there but it’s making me want to die.

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