Trying to decide what to do: RBT or Nanny?

Hey everyone! I’m getting my masters in social work currently and I have my undergraduate in psychology and education.

I have been nannying for years, it’s really great money and I just genuinely enjoy it. However, with my social work masters I will be needing to start an internship in the fall starting at 8 hours a week and then the next semester 16 hours and the third year 20 hours.

I’m at a cross roads with my career choice while I’m in school.

On the one hand I got offered a nanny job 35 hours a week $25 an hour. On the other I got offered an RBT job that pays for training and certification $19 an hour. The RBT job might be more flexible with me during the first semester of my internship whereas the nanny job I’ll most likely have to find a new nanny job. But 1) the RBT job is less money and 2) I’ve never worked with autistic children, I’ve only ever volunteered with them. I don’t know how stressful this will be on top of getting my masters but it would look great on my resume.

I don’t know if that all makes sense but I’m struggling deciding what on earth to do. Any advice would be amazing!

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