(33 M) Veteran, returning to school. What should I pursue if my first option isn’t viable?

Greetings everyone, I’ve recently had some issues with some service connected disabilities that are conflicting with my current profession. I’m a versatile tradesmen and currently work as a property manager for a wealthy family and also oversee a dahlia farm operation. It’s decent work, and has growth potential, unfortunately my back cannot handle the labor anymore.. I’ve been accepted into the Veterans Affairs “Veteran Rediness and Employment Program” (formally Vocational Rehab) I’m choosing to go to school full time to find a new career that better suits my limitations and helps me better support my family.
I applied to Purdue University’s Aviation Program and am currently awaiting a decision. The VA is hard to convince approval into aviation but it is possible.

In the event I’m not approved (which I plan to fight tooth and nail) I’m not sure what else to pursue.. I’ve been fixated on trying to get into aviation since my military service.. I, like many others, would like to make six figures and not be stuck behind a computer.

If I do get approved and accepted into PU’s aviation program, I hope to relocate my family to Alaska and fly float/bush planes for a living.

Any advice/guidance would be very much appreciated.

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