How can I find a remote job?

M25 from Central Asia. I work for a big company as a specialist in a department of development, my work is mostly communicating with foreign partner companies, making agreements, delivering messages from/to the management, building presentations for upcoming projects. Basically, I do not have a specific set of responsibilities to explain my profession. My salary is next to nothing, it hardly pays my bills. I am extremely desperate. I cannot change my work nor request for a promotion, because I am going to move to another country in 6 months, but I have to find another job so that I can pay my rent and maybe save up a little before moving to another country and also continue working there after moving. I am interested in working remotely for any company overseas, because there is no chance for me to achieve anything here in a short period of time.

I have a Bachelor’s in Economics and I have a basic skillset of an economist. I am also very into art and design, had experience in graphic design. I will be more than happy to make something around $1500 a month.

I know that what I have written above will not be enough for you to give any advice, but I really want to know if there is any opportunity for me to find a decent position anywhere.

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