How to choose a new career after deciding to ditch the old one?!

I used to have quite a good job in sales and account management – I liked the benifits but hated the pressures and the sector so I left nearly a year ago.

I have a degree in social care and public policy so have been looking at Gov jobs and I’m kind of interested in mental health, maybe to become a Therapist or Social Worker.

I saw a job earlier as a Junior Buyer and thought I could get it with a good interview and long term it’s high paying (definitely higher than public sector jobs) but then would I hate it like I did the career I’ve just left?

How do you decide what to do when you career change?

I just want something where I can earn a good amount of money and don’t hate going to work, I want to be able to progress quickly as I feel far too old for entry level salarylies though I suppose there isn’t much I can do about that

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