How to deal with a bossy Manager?

So I’m working for a firm where we have a hybrid model of work system. Depending on the teams, some people have to come in everyday, others are permanently remote and few teams like mine work hybrid.

Issue is my team doesnt have fixed days of coming to work it all goes as per the whims and fancies of my manager who controls what days we come to work. It’s arbitrary if he decides we come in we have to and incase he has something personal we don’t come. The reason is because it’s easier to communicate face to face rather than on calls.

I find this very irritating that we don’t have a choice. Sometimes we also have personal things that may come up but we are forced to come anyway.

We tried sticking to mon wed fri as fixed days but it didn’t work beyond two weeks.

How to resolve this? This manager is bossy and it’s either his way or the highway sort of mentality.

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