I got in a fight with my boss. What do I do?

I’m in finance at a startup. 6 YOE. Boss is incompetent.

All our money was at svb. Thursday I was pounding the table for us to move our money. CFO acted like I was wasting her time. To try to save our business, I was assertive and a little impatient with her carelessness. After finally realizing that I may be right, she then criticized me for not alerting her sooner. Absolutely ridiculous.

All my fears were proven right. A bank run occurred, svb failed, and save government intervention, we would have all been out of jobs today. Everyone recognizes that.

Yet, I’ve been asked to apologize to my cfo. This is absolutely ridiculous to me. In my eyes she should be fired for incompetence, and owes me an apology. I was clearly the only one who saw what was happening and tried to intervene.

I understand there are hierarchical privileges in life, and what she lacks in competence, she makes up for in power. Yet, I can’t get over how unfair and unjust this situation is. Who can relate?

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