Is it kosher to interview with a company if you’re probably not going to take the position initially?

My situation is this: my boss basically got the higher ups to change the rules to allow me to relocate to a high CoL area from a different part of the country and work entirely remote. The company is amazing, but I’m still making what I made in the must cheaper CoL area previously. I was reached out to on behalf of a competitor and they basically told me they would be paying significantly more if I signed on (reflecting the geographic area I’m in now). I’d be lying if I said I’m not tempted but I feel like I owe my current employer to spend at least another year or two there especially as my boss likely put themselves a bit out there on my behalf.

Am I better off just telling the recruiter I’m not interested at the moment? Or should I interview with them to at least “start a conversation”/get a feel for them? Which is better if I want to have the option to move later on if I decide it’s worth it for the extra $?

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