Should I study CS and math remotely for a coming career change in 6 years?

I am a teacher. I have 5 free hours a day to study. I currently work in a government program that has me in a remote area to help in-need students. I am not located in America. The program ends in six years. I am 39 years old. I am from the US. I have degrees in education, anthropology, and linguistics from a top 20 university. I have no kids, and I am single. This will not change.

I really like where I currently live. I can surf every morning before work. The environment is stunningly beautiful. But I need to make decent money over the next 25 years to retire. I’d love to work from home internationally, but moving may be unavoidable. I understand that.

So, I have about 10,000 hours or so to “level up”. To me good money starts at 100k a year.

I am thinking to do an online cs degree and perhaps try for a math degree too. It all has to be done online. I enjoy problem solving. I need to get this done in 6 years at most, which means I will be 45.

Does this seem like a good plan? Is there something else I could study that would be more employable or profitable?

Thanks so much! I am in a bubble over here so it is important for me to bounce ideas off people and get feedback.

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