29 years old, 1 child. Spouse and I work 40hrs, paycheck to paycheck. Is a 2 year rad tech or PTA degree out of the question for me?

My wife and I both work full-time and trade my son, with no help we can’t afford daycare. We’re barely making it both at $20/hr. I desperately want to get out of retail (10yrs) The problem is its already challenging enough sometimes, if I get off at 11pm and am up by 5am with my son.

We might be able to manage if I take reduced hours as we’ll have 1 car paid off soon. But still worried of handling 40hr school, 20hr work, and rest being screamed at by a toddler. Not to.mention the schools are either 35 or 45 mins away 4-5 days a week..

I’m really just at my wits end here, as I really, really want to make this happen, but can’t figure out how to make it easier.

We apparently make 4x more than poverty cut off for any benefits.

Thanks for any advice…

AZ – PHX area if that helps

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