Any advice for a late-life career change?

As background, I did clerical/customer service for over 20 years then switched to a factory job for a decade post-divorce. I had an injury that made continued factory work impossible, and had to leave that job. I’m trying, unsuccessfully, to find remote customer service work, as I have difficulty walking or standing for extended periods. I am currently 52 years old, and at a loss as to how I proceed from here. I’ve been getting by on savings, but that can’t continue indefinitely. I very briefly went to college for an English degree many years ago (just a couple of credits achieved), but left to work for my ex-husband. I am still interested in writing, or even copyediting or proofreading, but unsure whether to take a student loan, and try to get part-time work while I finish the degree (I do have a mortgage to pay). Or should I speak with a career counselor? Any advice, suggestions or encouragement (particularly from those around my age who were suddenly forced to change careers due to injury or illness) would be immensely appreciated.

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