Anyone feel like they’re wasting their time at their job?

Haven’t worked in a month

The title can be misleading. I started a new job a while ago and was excited about it. After I finished the initial onboarding and training over a few software systems we used, I was looking forward to actually jumping into projects.

However, they don’t have anything for me to do! when I hired in they said they had an immediate need, and I also believe they didn’t realize how much experience I already had despite telling them.

This is honestly the best company I’ve ever worked for. Great people, good work/life balance, pay is competitive, and I am not micromanaged and am given the freedom to do work my way and not “the company” way.

The problem is that I haven’t actually worked in a month. After I was done with software training and all that, they simply just don’t have anything for me to do. I have expressed this to all of my superiors and gone up the “chain of command” and they all tell me to sit tight and not worry. They say eventually I’ll have something to do. There are several people my age here and they tell me that this is how it always is.

I feel like I’m not being challenged and that I screw around at work to stay busy instead of actually working because there is nothing for me to work on. It’s actually turned into somewhat of a joke around the office. People walk by and make comments about how bored I am and then tell me that they can’t believe they don’t have anything for me.

I’ve asked if I could help people out and they tell me they simply don’t have anything for me to do or else they won’t have anything to do. I’ve even offered to help out other departments because I have so much free time. Some of the VPs have even noticed I have nothing to do and no one seems to care that this is the case.

Anyone else in a similar position?

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