I’m awful at lying, but I’ll never get hired if I tell the truth in interviews. What do I do?

Hi, I’m autistic (probably, that’s a whole other story), and I’m terrible at lying on the spot.

The problem is that the truth would never get me hired.

For example, I had an interview recently where they asked “what do you expect from a boss?” This is not something I had thought about before. The things I care about are location, pay, and the duties of the job. office culture and management styles are things I won’t be able to get a true impression of until I’ve already worked there for a bit, so just don’t think about it.

If I were being honest, I’d say I want a job where start, do my work, and leave. Nobody speaks to me or micromanages me.

I don’t care about promotions or networking or even having a “career.” I just want to support my hobbies without going insane and with as little social interaction as possible.

My dream would be to do freelance work, but I can’t tell an employer that cus they’ll think it means I won’t stay long (which is probably true tbh).

How do I navigate interviews when nothing I have to say is what hiring managers want to hear?

Edit: I don’t have time to reply to everyone but thanks for the suggestions!

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