I’m looking for new opportunities now. What can I do to have a successful job search?

I’m in the process of job hunting right now and I created a process just to increase my chances of success. I’ve been trying to put it to test for a month and had some good results but looking for advice here. This is what I’ve done so far:

I divided the process in 3 diff stages. So in every stage, I focused on “Mastering that stage only” and improving on 1 metric:

**Iterating my Resume**: My main focus during this one was to improve the conversion rate of my resume. The metric I used was the number of responses I received. I kept refining and tweaking my resume until I achieved a solid ratio. Once I started getting first interviews with HR managers or hiring managers, I shifted my attention to preparing and improving my interview skills.

**First interviews**: In this stage, I aimed to increase the number of second interviews or technical exercises offered. This was a critical step in progressing further in the hiring process. I made sure to thoroughly prepare for these initial interviews, showcasing my skills and experiences effectively (more on this below, on a tool I used for this) Btw If you are required to do a technical assesment very early on.

**Use case (or technical exercise)**: My metric here was the number of job offers I received.

Here are the tools that played a significant role in that process:

**ChatGPT – Turned into a job interview trainer**

You start by training ChatGPT on your resume. You can use this prompt:

As ChatGPT, you’ll be participating in an interview simulation for the position of Product Manager at \_\_\_\_. I’ll provide you with your Resume in an upcoming message. Following that, you’ll receive the interview questions along with guidelines on how to respond.

Then you copy&Paste your CV on ChatGPT. And you give it this new prompt:

The focus of this interview will be on your soft skills. When answering questions be clear and concise, using everyday language. Create convincing responses that an interviewer would appreciate even if they are fictional. However, ensure that your answers align with the experiences mentioned in your resume.

Then ask ChatGPT the interview questions you may get and it will be generating perfect responses to any question.


It provided a written conversation with a real human coach, utilizing AI to offer guidance and assistance. The coaching sessions helped me develop habits for finding the right jobs and mentally prepare for interviews. I used it a lot in stage 2. I would go to Wave with the answers I replied on every interview and they would help me improve them with feedback.


Use it to improve your resume. You can do several things with it. Start your resume from scratch or modify one, create your cover letter with AI (it uses ChatGPT on the backend), or ask for feedback on your resume. I still needed to do a lot of manual changes in the version it creates but it is a great start. For cover letters, which can be quite a hassle to customize for each job application, it was a real-time-saver. Another option is Rezi, I haven’t tried it yet but it looks promising.


You can use it during your online meetings to take notes. During job interviews, it is not only important the content of your answer, but also how your answer is structured. And the only way to improve this is by practicing. With this tool, I could review the questions asked and my responses, allowing me to refine and better structure my answers. Most probably, you’ll be asked that question again in the next interviews. Plus, I maintained a document with “Hard Questions in Job Interviews” as a quick reference during interviews. If you do online meetings, you can keep the doc open in your second screen.

**Interview Warmup (from Google)**

Similar use to the first one with ChatGPT but in this case they ask you the questions. It simulates a real interview and gives you personalized feedback based on your responses. It can help you identify areas where you need to improve. Also, by practicing with these tools, I felt more confident and prepared for those higher-stakes real interviews.

Any other stuff you have used successfully in the past?

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