Should I switch careers?

I need guidance. Any advice is appreciated!

I graduated in biochemistry and now I work as an associate scientist at a research and development lab. The people are amazing, the scientist are super helpful, and since this is my first actual job in the field, they’re teaching me everything from A to Z in research in general. I’m not limited to one specific topic and I’m working in lab at many different projects.
The issue is that I hate it. I hate the work I hate the field and I genuinely don’t think I like chemistry in general. I chose this major because I thought I’d get into med school but that idea was thrown out the window during my senior year and I won’t get into the whys cause I’m sure you’ve heard them all before. I regretted my major the day I graduated and now I’m thinking of doing career switching.
I’m thinking of either getting a masters in software engineering since I like that field and I’ve been learning it on my own for a while now but what I’m truly passionate about is publishing. But that will be difficult since I practically live in the middle of nowhere.
So basically what im asking is should I just remain in my field and suck it up so I don’t waste my degree? Should I career switch and try my hand at different things even if it means starting from the bottom?
How did you figure out what you wanted to do in life and what got you there?
Honestly any life advice or guidance would be appreciated since I genuinely don’t know what to do. Thank you!
(And please be kind, I’ve been stressing about this for a while)

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