What do you do when your coworker is giving you all the nonpromotable tasks and doing almost no work?

I work in biomedical research- My coworker keeps giving me all of the basic grunt work tasks and does all of the “promotable” tasks himself. He has been there 2 months longer than me and we are the same age- both fairly recent grads. He comes in 1-2 hours late and leaves 1-2 hours early every day. Clocks in and out from home. My boss is too busy to notice and thinks he is incredible as he does all of the bioinformatics work. He admits to me he only does 2h of work a day and tells me I do the jobs of two people. Even when he does wet lab work he makes me clean up after him. What do I do? I’m tired of being overlooked by my boss when I’m the one doing most of the work.

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