31M Toledo Ohio, I have worked in several different jobs,now I’m In security but can’t get a decent hourly pay. What can I do to either supplement my income or find a better employment opportunity?


So for context. I have worked in many different job fields, mostly food services but Iv been completely burned out in that line of work due to either management abuse or being exploited so I won’t go back despite my expertise being in the food industry.

I make vary little to support myself unfortunately (getting paid like $13/h) and Iv practically been starving myself just to ration enough food through the week to get by.

I don’t mind working in security but there is no room for raises and no room for advancement to to being a contracted work for my site(we are basically there to make the company’s insurance cheaper, nothing more)

Iv raised the question of how I can make more to my superior but I’m never given a answer other than “they won’t renegotiate the contract and if you complain about it they will just remove you from site”

I’m poor, have Asperger’s Syndrome and adhd and frustrated that I simply can’t find a way to get ahead so I can thrive instead of surviving and suffering due to my strangling financial budget Iv done the best I can to maintain.

Not to mention a new medical issue with which I can’t eat cheaply, I HAVE to eat Leto now which is fairly expensive.

Please help, I’m tired of constantly being on the cusp of drowning but I don’t know how to get myself into a better position.


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