Best way to launch a career in HR?

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communicaiton in 2015. I did a series of PR interhsips and then worked for 6 months in nonprofit fundraising and the job esentially triggered a nervous breakdown and I swore off the industry. Since then I’ve bounced around different low-level jobs, mostly in the insurance industry. I’ve been doing my current job for 2 and a half years and they’ve been dangling a promotion in front of me but with budget cuts they’ve all but confirmed I shouldn’t hold my breath. This at the same time they cut my OT. It has me thinking it’s time for a change.

I’ve always been intrested in HR but I’m not sure what the best way to break into the field would be. I’m willing to put some work in, taking some classes or maybe even doing another interhship (though I do need to earn a living), but I also don’t want to waste efforts if there’s a more effiient path to take, if that makes sense.

Should I just kind of throw \*it\* at the wall and apply to jobs that seem more entry level or would it behoove me to try to buff up my resume and hone some skills first?

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