Can anyone discourage me from becoming Surgical Technologist?!


I am signed up to begin college this fall after a few years of being a plumber/ office jockey. I am going to complete an AAS in surgical technology and just wondered if anyone with experience can point me another direction, or if i should just keep it up. I have plans of continuing my education after completing my AAS, possibly becoming a doctor or surgeon. Never went to college out of high school, and medicine actually makes me feel something I have not felt before for a job. All of these years I thought it would be a lame and non exciting career path.

I am tired of sitting at a desk doing plumbing invoices for dismal pay. I know the pay is not much greater for a surgical tech in Michigan, however I honestly could care less about the pay part at this point. Surgical tech seems like a great option for an exciting job opportunity where I can save lives and make a real difference without being directly responsible for a patients life.

Anyway, any tips, attractors, detractors, are all welcomed.


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