Generalist or Specialized?


Quick background on myself:
23 YO, Business undergrad with a specialization in marketing.

I loved marketing in my undergrad and did v well but was always told its a crowded space with v little ability to make money unless you’re in the upper echelons so I never got a full time job in it, well it was true cause all entry level marketing jobs paid absolute peanuts and money is an important factor for me. I did a few marketing communications and digital marketing internships starting when I was 18 which I enjoyed but not enough to give up on money.

I interned at a big 4 consulting firm as a research analyst for a massive operations project for 6 months and an HR consulting firm as a consulting analyst for another 6 months. I developed some technical skills with a rounded perspective of a business before committing to a full time job, something just simply didn’t make me commit to a full time role (though I had the option to). In retrospect, I did this cause I believed any true business leader should understand all the different functions of a business (plus I was young and thought the best leaders are generalists but now feel like jack of all trades master of one is what I want to be)

I then ventured into software sales for a global MNC and got a full time job as a SDR (Sales Development Rep) which iv been doing for a year now. But I’m thoroughly burnt out and have developed a desire to get into marketing as I worked closely with the product and marketing teams as an SDR. I thoroughly enjoy strategy work and though the trenches have taught me imp lessons in the ground realities of sales, I think I’m more useful in ideation, strategy and delving deeper into the numbers as I feel like I have a good blend of analytical and creative ability (from what I’ve been told by peers and coworkers at least)

I plan on pursuing my master’s in analytics and wish to take some time off work to prepare for it as I wish to build on my current technical skillset. During this time, I want to really decide if a career in marketing is genuinely for me and if I wish to commit to it.

TLDR: Have experience in multiple domains as a generalist but now wish to specialize, unsure if marketing is the specialization I should choose.


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