How can I use current tasks to create a new role or negotiate higher salary?

Backstory: I worked for my employer in a retail position, and then interviewed and was hired in a new role. It’s still client facing, but doesn’t have all the stress of retail.

There’s less than 10 people in my whole department, and I seem to be the only one with computer skills. Because we work with a lot of data collection, and I’m the only one good with Excel, I’ve come to be known as the “data guy” (Not my words, don’t judge me).

We have to collect a lot of data from clients and monitor our KPI’s. So I’ve taken the opportunity to learn Salesforce CRM, Power BI, Tableau, and improved Excel skills.

I’ve floated the idea to my boss in the past that we may need, or want, an analyst role in the department. Especially since the BI department is tiny (<5), and overworked. He seemed open to it, if we grew to that point.

Although not technically **MY** job, I take on the bulk of the following tasks:
– Visitor/Foot Traffic breakdown and reporting
– ATM use (requires some ETL)
– Merging multiple excel tables (similar to SQL Inner join)
– Creating Salesforce reports and dashboards based on current KPI’s and ad hoc requests

How can I take this to my Dept. Head and ask/negotiate a role change? Which would hopefully include a higher salary. I’d like to use these skills/tasks to pivot to something closer to an Analyst role.

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