I was offered a new job but my current job wants to keep me, what should I do?

This is not my situation but a friends that i am posting for. I will be writing this as if i was them writing. I will be sending them the post for them to read your advice. Thank you in advance!

I am currently at a job(job ABC)that pays me 40k and i have been with them for about 4 years. Its a local business. I was hired as part time and later given a full time position with benefits back in 2021. I love the work i do there and it is a passion but i have felt that the work is not worth the amount of money i have been making. I am rewarded with extra work and I have dealt with toxic coworkers. I complain on a daily/weekly basis.

Recently, I started to job hunt but not aggressively, i sent my resume to a few places until a former colleague recommended that i apply to Job XYZ. I did apply and i had to go through two interviews and i was offered the position. I even negotiated a slightly higher salary of about 50k. Their benefits and flexible working environment is great as well. They are a nationally known business as well. Unfortunately, the job is not exactly what i want to do for a living but it will give me a new experience and allow me to learn new skills and also network with other businesses in the same sector.

To the issue. I told my boss at ABC and they asked what it took to keep me. They offered to pay me between 49k-50k and give me a manager role with responsibilities that i want to do.

I cannot go wrong with either job opportunity and there are pros and cons but I’m struggling to make a decision. I love ABC because they cater to the community i grew up in but XYZ is offering something different and I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Im not sure what will be best for me on the long run when i job hunt again. Will having a manager role make me more attractive to employers or having to work at a national recognized business? I do feel connected to my current job but I did apply for a reason.

I need unbiased advice.

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