If I choose to be a temporary SAHM, will a gap in my resume kill me?

I’m 28 years old and have been working in a corporate setting for two years now. The company I’m in is the #1 leading corporation in its industry. I’m extremely grateful I landed this job, or even got an interview in the first place.

But I’m also a mother of 2 young kids. Lately I have been feeling like the kids and the house duties need me at home. I took 3 vacation days to clean up the house recently (to prepare for a kids birthday party so the guests wont be disgusted by the condition) and those 3 CLEANING DAYS were the most my kids and I ever bonded…….it made me extremely sad.

I have talked to my partner about this and we agreed to talk about this again at the end of the year. The reason is, my manager said last year that I was on track for a promotion and yes he has been putting me more as leads for multiple projects. So my partner and I agreed that by the end of this year, if I don’t get a promotion, we would consider this possibility again.

But for now, my mind still wanders to this choice. And I’m afraid as well. I’m a career-oriented person. If I decide to be a SAHM for 3 years, how bad would this hurt me professionally?

I am also planning to study coding and take boot camp skills in my free time. I want to keep my skills fresh and present a portfolio of self-made projects to help not only my resume, but also my growth (since the job im in currently isnt my end-goal and I have practiced some stuff on the side).

But I’m still scared.

TL;DR: How bad would a 3-year gap be on a resume for a professional career because I decided to be a temporary SAHM, BUT I plan on toning my coding skills in those duration through self-made projects?

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