Is there anything I can do with Customer Service experience?

[PA, USA] I have 16 years of experience in various customer service roles, plus a BA English major/communications minor. I only have one years worth of experience in administration and office management. I have 16 years of experience with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and 5 years of experience with MS Outlook. Three years of experience using PointClickCare.

What can I do? I can find jobs where my skills and experience are transferrable, but then I lack other required experience like IT or analysis. I don’t necessarily want to continue to be stuck in entry level roles because I’m 35 and I should have an established career by now. I have never been able to network properly no matter how hard I’ve tried. I’m mostly interested in administration roles but I can’t afford to keep taking low paying entry level positions and getting stuck in them forever. That’s what always ends up happening to me and I’m sick of it.

Is there anything I can apply for with a starting salary of $47,000 – $50,000? With my education and experience I can’t believe I’m still only eligible for low paying entry level customer service jobs. What am I doing wrong?

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