Looking to break out of the the culinary world, any ideas?

Hey there! I’m a 27 year old Line Cook living in Asheville, NC.

when i first got into the industry it was out of necessity and a being in my late teens early twenties watching stuff like chefs table and wanting to be a chef, but as the years have gone on i’ve realized that i’m at a bit of a dead end, as much as i want to advance my career and be a chef (or at least a manager/owner of some kind) i don’t think it’ll happen given how the standards of the industry require you to work incredibly long hours without a break or being able to take care of yourself.

Now onto the question, im looking to break out of the field and move to another industry where my relevant experience would help, i’ve been in the industry since i was 20 and have learned quite a few skills but i’m not able to actually name what they are so the resume looks good; to put it simply, the money isn’t there for me in the culinary field.

Are there any fields i could break into where i could use my relevant experience as a line cook/chef so i can move away from this toxic industry that i love so dearly?

thank you for any responses!

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