My employer requested I use PTO to fill out 8 hours a day, what should I do?

Hello all,

I’ve been in my position for 2 years at a firm with billions of dollars, with hundreds of employees. Recently, due to changes in my department, we’ve been able to rapidly increase our productivity, which has driven the hours needed to complete our work to likely no more than 25 a week.

They are now requiring us to track every minute of every day by spreadsheet, and demand we find real work for 8 hours a day. Everyone is eager to have us shadow, etc. But this barely nets 2 hours extra a day, far short of the goal.

My manager came to us recently and requested that in order for us to reach our “required” 8 hours a day, we could use our PTO to supplement the gap.

Any suggestions on how to handle this/respond?

Note: I have accepted an upgraded position, which doesn’t start for a month.

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