Should i pick nursing or medical radiation science?

Hi I’m a senior in high school and im struggling to pick what my major should be and I have to decide by next week…. (rip me)

**Nursing:** I feel like based on what I’ve heard, I would enjoy the work more and the variety that comes with the field (im kinda interested in peds nursing). The courses for the program seems more interesting and the placements as well. But I’ve also heard how exhasuting it is being a nurse and how overworked they are. The work itself seems really rewarding but I’m afraid its gonna be too much work and just too exhausting. The other negative is the school is quite far from my house and I wanna stay closeish to home as to not leave my mom by herself.


**Medical radiology sci**: It’s interesting but I don’t think its the same level of interest that nursing is for me. I’ve heard that its a lot less chaotic so to say and that the work-life balance is a lot better. The school is closer and its reputation is more study-focused, which I prefer over the nursing school (which has a reputation for partying…). Some of the classes in the program are not as preferable compared to nursing and I’m just not sure if its gonna be something I regret if I pick it as I’m not as right now I seem to like nursing more.


If anyone has any advice or experience I would really appreiciate it!! Both programs and careers are amazing, it just seems to be whether I want a more exhausting career that I, as of now, am more interested in, or a more balanced career, that I’m still interested in but not as much as the other. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for freading al this if you made it to the end.

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