Where next for me? UK Accountant



I’m a chartered accountant and soon to be chartered tax advisor, working as a client manager in a UK accountancy firm.

My salary is £47k and I have always worked in small practices for the last 9 years (I’m 26).

I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads and that I’m reaching a ceiling with my salary working in small practices.

I’m considering other roles with a higher ceiling but I’m at a bit of a dead end and need advice.

I enjoy tax and I’m knowledgeable but as I’ve only worked with really small businesses, a lot of them one man bands, my experience is quite limited which rules out a lot of £50k+ tax jobs with big four firms etc.

I’m open to moving into industry but again I’m not experienced in this area and it is difficult to find roles paying £50k + without industry experience.

I’d love to open my own practice one day but I don’t have the finances to support that at the moment.

How do I break into the really higher paying roles?


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