28M – going for three major surgeries in the near future, switched career path from banking to Accounting. How would you structure your next two/three years?

So got a B-com in 2020 was originally going for Accoutning but was involved in a major MVA accident as a pedistrian in 2019. Went back to uni and attained my B-Com but didn’t attain the required courses for my CPA training.

Few years later my body was feeling a lot better and decided to go back and finish off the CPA core courses but I have been told that I will actually need to attain surgery for two different body parts (two on the shoulder) with 6+ months rehab that would need to be done at 9 months internvals.


What would you do to ensure you are able to stay as a competative employee, the seatlment has made it so that funds are not a constraint.

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