37M Lost on where to go next?


37M and I’ve worked in 1 SaaS company for 16 years. Very small start up environment and never really expanded too much in the entire time. I started off as Customer Support, onto Implementation Management and finally Customer Success Manager. But in reality, I was all of those roles in 1. As the product range expanded, so did my responsibilites and roles. This role started doing WFH years before covid which was REALLY appealing to me.

I then got a much better paid job as a Customer Success Manager in a different company, I thought it was going to be great. I finally left my deadend job, got a job that had twice the salary. WFH etc. I ended up quitting that job due to health reasons after 6 months. But one thing was obvious to me, the role wasn’t technical enough. The product was quite basic and my role turned into a Sales role, cold calling customers who didn’t want to hear from us.

Now I’m looking for jobs again, 1 requirement is – WFH. I’m at a loss as to what to apply for, I’m reading Customer Success Manager roles, and they just sound so senior to me, I keep telling myself I won’t be able to do it. I’m studying to be a Full Stack Developer but that will take a while to properly skill up.

My role range seems to be Customer Support / Customer Success Manager or something similar to that. I don’t mind starting my career from scratch, is there anything else I can be doing. Are there jobs I can be applying for where my years working for an SaaS would be advantageous? I’m a nice guy, I love tech, learn things easily. I think if given the chance I would do well.

Should I just use this time I have to focus on skilling up and starting a Junior Software Developer role? I just feel lost right now and finding a job seems more difficult than before. I started studying Full Stack Software development before the crash, now it seems I’ve decided to switch into the wrong industry.

TL;DR – 16 years experience in SaaS B2C/B2B as Customer Success Manager/Support/Implementationss. Not sure what to do next now that I’m out of a job. What questions should I be asking myself here, what jobs would you be searching for?

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