Am i at a position to start freelancing?


Im 23M, based in dubai. I’ve a year and a half of experience working in a pretty small company as a motion designer. Currently, im the only full time employee, due to several reasons. They like my work and appreciate my opinions and i am paid quite decently. I often have to work long hours and weekends too. I do realise this sounds very gen z but i am not being paid for it and neither will they… There have been sleepless nights. Bear in mind this is not common, although when it does happen, its extremely frustrating. Not being paid for it is a bigger bummer.

My initial plan had always been to gain a year of experience and move into the freelance side of things. Now that i find myself in a stressed out position, i have begun considering it. Weighing in all the options, working in another agency or freelancing would be my best bet. I’d prefer freelancing though. But im not quite sure if this would be the right move. Ive been told this is what working anywhere would be like. Which really doesn’t seem right. So, do i quit and start freelancing? Do i stay and save up(already saved enough for about 3 to 4 months of basic living)? Do i work elsewhere and gain more experience?


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