How to deal with being thrown into presentations with no advance notice?

Hi all, I’m hoping to get some advice here. I am dealing with multiple issues at this job but one large one in particular.

I’ve been in a new role for 7 months. It’s a fully remote position in an industry that I worked in 4 years ago. I ended up switching to another industry in my last role and then returned for this job. This industry has seen big changes so I am trying my best to learn but I’ll be honest, the remote culture at this job is really bad. I’m never included in meetings despite my insistence to be included. I’m basically ignored. I don’t talk to anyone. My last role was remote and I had no issue getting to know people and being included. But I digress, that’s another issue.

The main issue I’m having is I will have no communication from anyone for weeks and then I will receive random meeting invites with no context last minute, then my manager will call me 5-10 minutes before the meeting and show me a PowerPoint they put together and tell me to present it. I have no idea what to do. I have no idea what I’m talking about and I have looked like a complete idiot in front of various people at the organization because these are topics that I know nothing about and weren’t even on my radar.

Am I wrong for being upset about this? I have no qualms about presenting. In my previous role, I routinely gave 45-60 min presentations to C-suites and even ran some webinars with 200+ people in attendance.

How would you deal with this? How can I be more proactive? I have a feeling I’m going to keep encountering this.


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