Recent grad, getting fired from my 2nd Accounting job in a row. Where can I go from here?

I liked studying accounting in school. I was so proud of myself as a first generation grad.

But man I struggle in the real world. I tried, i really tried. Pomodoro, priority matrix, daily calendars, post-it notes galore, carrying a notebook around so often it seemed like its glued to my hand.

But I still couldnt hack it. I try my very best to prioritize, to stay focused, to follow my notes exactly. But theres always some small misstep I end up taking. Theres always a deadline i miss because i got excited about solving a very difficult problem from a different task and lost track of time. Theres always moments when im internally screaming at myself to start a task but just cant, so I end up behind. Im always struggling to juggle multiple projects.

And im not sociable. I go to happy hours, but im awkward as fuck, no matter how pleasant i try to be. I cant ‘click’ with a lot of people. I really want to connect with people, but i just have a hard time getting out of my head and engaging fully with the other person/people. Explaining things verbally is rough. I have no problems typing, but theres a road block in-between my brain and my mouth.

Im just in a dark place after failing. I got crushed, absolutely demolished by my public internship. And now im in an easy industry gig, and still fucking failed.

If you read any of this, thank you kind internet stranger. So enough self pity, what are some other fields I could go into with my Bachelor’s in Accounting? Could I do something non-corporate? I don’t think i’m cut out for that life

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