Should I take a job that’s technically considered progression and a step up the ladder but would mean a lower salary?

Job offer received, advice needed please

I recently applied for a role with a new company; they’re a worldwide construction company and have a huge project in my hometown (estimated to run for 8 years) as well as loads of other projects all over the region.
I got an interview, turns out it went well and they liked me and have offered me a job.

The role is for a ganger/team leader type role.

I’m really keen to progress and move up in my career having worked in construction for the best part of 9 years. In the last 9 years I started off labouring and moved to groundworks and then operating plant/heavy equipment.

Approximately a year ago I took a job with a large utilities company, this role is more of a supporting role and a step away from hands on construction work that I’m used to and really enjoy. It’s working on the construction of a power station but we’re not actually constructing anything, we facilitate and support construction by providing various services. It’s an ok job but I find it completely uninspiring and it feels a bit dead end too. The company there are growing and expanding and taking on more work but this has been getting talked about for nearly 6 months now and nothings moving.

I’ve applied for a supervisors job with my current employer and have an interview next week. I’m not confident I’ll get it based on various factors I don’t divulge here. I will go for the interview though and see what happens.

The job I’ve been offered with this other company would be on a project I find far more interesting, would allow me to utilise and draw upon my gained experience far more and it’s a step up from what I’ve been doing and a step in the direction I want to be going. However, there is a but…it would mean taking a pay cut. It would be approximately £200 per month less. They’ve indicated that they really like me and want me to grow with the company/project and help me get on the path to supervisor level (more money and perks) they can’t guarantee when this next promotion would be (obviously)

The job would be Monday – Friday with optional overtime when available. My current role is 4 on, 4 off and as would the supervisors role be should I be successful in getting that.

My partner is dead against the idea of me taking this job as she feels taking a pay cut to work more days in the week whilst taking on more responsibilities is crazy. She’s got a point, and I totally get her thinking too.

But I can’t help but feel this would be a good move for me. When I got offered the job I felt really excited and it’s probably partly due to feeling wanted after applying for jobs.
The project manager who interviewed me seemed really keen and we seemed to gel quite easily. It’s doable financially but would make things tighter of course and especially given the current economy it’s a worry.

I guess I’m just trying to figure out if I’m being an idiot for evening considering taking this job offer?

Based in the UK btw

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