Startup job: should I quit?

Using a throwaway.

Joined a startup that’s been going for 4 years, I’m the only employee.

Only been there for a month, already having some issues:

The tech I need to do my job is not provided, and it was suggested I ‘look into financing options’ to buy it myself.

Worked overtime (extra 2 hrs a day) most days, with no acknowledgement (and for shit pay might I add).

Founder is trying to raise investment, despite having extremely low traction on product (we’re talking 1 low value order a day), seems to be skipping ahead steps to raise for no apparent reason other than poor planning and a lack of foundational work. Honestly no idea how they’re planning on paying me.

Noticing severe perfectionism and micromanaging, e.g. checking basic email drafts.

Complete lack of organisation or prioritisation.

Founder needs a lot of hand-holding from their network, i.e. asking questions they shouldn’t have to be asking. Essentially getting the feeling I won’t be learning anything from them and they’re already way out of their depth.

Took the job to get some more experience, but currently feeling extremely exploited and unmotivated.

Not sure if this is just what working in startups is like, and I’m not cut out for it/too entitled, but not feeling like a good fit.

What notice should I reasonably provide, given I’ve only been here a few weeks?

Would you quit in my position?

TLDR: Issues with founder not providing a good working environment, raising despite poor traction, feeling unmotivated, not providing basic tech, do I leave?

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