Subject: Exclusive Opportunity: Proven Executive Insight and Guidance from a Physician Turned C-Suite Advisor?


Hi all,

I am a physician who recently joined a publicly traded medical device company in a C-level position. One of my close friends—also a physician—is a phenomenal judge of character and circumstances and has an uncanny ability to provide meaningful and actionable executive-level insight and advice. While my company has provided me with two Executive coaches—one for Strategy and one for Communications—my friend is considerably more gifted in discerning situational nuances as well as in providing meaningful recommendations that have made a noticeable and beneficial difference in my actions (and state of mind). I have begun scheduling time with him on a formal basis and recently asked if he has considered providing this service formally and for a charge. He has noted that, “funny enough,” several executive-level friends of his have given similar feedbackAs I believe wholeheartedly that he would excel as an executive coach, I asked for his permission to post here with the offer of free sessions with him as a way to validate his value. He would be open to doing this with select individuals in high up organizational structure for 2-3 sessions with no obligation. After these sessions, if there was continued interest, you would arrange a fee (ie: >= $500/hr). Please feel free to DM me to connect you with him and to circulate with appropriate individuals who may have interest.

TLDR: brilliant physician colleague who has piercing ability to provide unique executive (ie: C-level) coaching, looking to validate these skills for free. DM to discuss.


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