How do I end my job on a good note? Accepted deal with competitor

So my competitor offered me the same job I have right now but with way better perks and greater freedom. They also give me 2.5x more in salary so financially it is better to take the job. Not to mention I will have greater opportunity at shooting for a management role since I’ll be amongst the few that work at this “new” project within the bigger company.


So the problem is?

I’ve accepted the offer and expect to start as soon as I can. However, the issue is during my time here I’ve bonded with the management and my colleagues. My bosses likes me a lot and I think my colleagues does as well. Next week I’m expected to go on a trip with my boss and a couple of other colleagues abroad – a mini vacation – which is meant for bonding even more.


So I’m at a dilemma on how to end my career with them on a good note and make as little damage as possible to my reputation and my relationship.

Should I go on the trip and then after that resign from my job?

Should I tell my boss that I resign before the trip?

Should I tell him that I am going to the competitor?

Should I keep it vague and not mention to him that I will go to the competitor?

Should I tell him a white lie?


It sucks that I will likely burn a bridge and he will perceive me as a “rat”. Now that we’ve bonded and they are very nice and accommodating to me.


Before I leave I also want to close the last deals that I have so I can get my bonuses and commission. The last sales I have will be within two weeks. Then my customers won’t buy until august and I won’t be there anyways. No, I don’t plan on “stealing” my customers to take them to my new job.



Edit: I don’t have anything written in my current contract that stops me from going to the competitor.

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