Less than two weeks notice and regretting it. Will my offer get rescinded?

So for some context, my current job is very high stress and part of the county government. It’s not a job I plan on returning to in the future, at all. I have been searching for jobs for months and I just got a call with an offer for a job today. The only issue is- that job starts in just over a week. Due to training this is non-negotiable.

I gave my boss my resignation today and I’m starting to regret it because I realized that the company hasn’t reached out to my references yet, and he’s listed as one. I don’t think he would give me a bad review but I also didn’t tell him an accurate reason for the quick notice (I mentioned a combination of health and new opportunities, which makes sense with some context of me having a few health issues lately and an hour commute).

I’m panicking that if they call for reference he’ll say I’m non-Rehireable due to my notice and they’ll rescind my offer and then I’ll be jobless. Am I just being paranoid? Or is this something that can happen?

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