Should I push / request support, ND- Neurodivergent? UK

Had a few incidents at work recently, leading to breaking down at work.

During one2one counselling it became more and more apparent that I have a lot/ some ND traits.
I took some time away from work while getting this help, a return to work planned on a phased return and check in with a different manager who has a little better understanding for seeking help (advised me to take the time out and get counselling)

* Masking at work is unacceptable because it encourages cognitive dissonance. 

I’m due to return to work and have really dug into my thoughts as to the triggers I feel caused the breakdown.

During the check in meetings, I’ve disclosed my ND and that I would require support around reducing the triggers. (Accommodating me as an individual)

Today at a final check in meeting I was told that there is very little (nothing) he can do to help and he tried to talk me into taking a role outside of current work place.

The role suggested is apx 5k less pa,
It is imop, managed poorly and although could help me avoid some of the triggers I felt like it was a push sideways as easier for him to manage.

Background information I work in the automotive sector.

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