Fired for being homeless?


I am a junior dev. (7 months) Should I disclose my employer I am going homeless and going to live in my van?

They don’t pay me enough. Not even enough for housing. Not even enough for roommates.

My landlord is telling me to leave b/c he wants to do renovations then up the rent.

I’ve been apartment shopping for the past 3 weeks. One bedroom & roommates are too expensive for what I’m making.

Would they fire me for being homeless and living in my van? Should I keep this info to myself? If I were to live in my van, I don’t know what to do with my dog when I’m at work…

Update: I told my manager I was on the brink of sleeping in my car cause I can’t afford rent. She said the company doesn’t have any programs available and to contact the state.

What is even worse is they hired a senior dev after me and they just hired another developer who is starting next week.


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