How to best prepare to lose new job only months in?

I left a job of 2 1/2 years about 2 months ago, for a new job that I felt was a stepping stone. I am the only one in my role (marketing) and knew the first week this wasn’t a good fit.

The job misled me on remote work frequency, insurance coverage and job duties. The last employee ran the show for 3 years – so instead of training me, they told me to look through her files for information. I tried to make this work, but my supervisor recently brought HR into our 1-1 meeting and they both told me there are “gaps” and that it isn’t working right now. After I defended myself on these issues, stating I need direction and I cannot predict when projects will come if I’m never trained on it, the meeting ended with some action items.

The meeting felt like a threat to be fired. I’m shocked as my supervisor never talked to me about these issues beforehand, and after the issues I took them as learning lessons to know for later. None of these issues were ever published, incorrect, or anything of actual value. I strongly feel that they are reasonable mistakes for someone figuring it out on their own.

So unfortunately, the threat of being fired is looming if I don’t read minds quick. After that, I absolutely do not want to work here longer than necessary. My supervisor speaking to HR before me put 2 against 1, and tells me what I need to know.

Any advice on how to find a new job? I’ve been here about 6 weeks. How do I explain the gap? Do I be honest that I took a new job that didn’t work or do I make something up?

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