I can’t seem to find work, despite a decade of experience and qualifications. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m a 33-year-old male and up until earlier this year, had a flourishing career. I was fortunate enough to be able to do work that I loved and found meaning in, but that also provided me with a very comfortable lifestyle financially.
After an amicable parting of ways with my employer and a month off to mentally reset, I learned the hard way that for one reason or another, continuing my career path with a new job was essentially impossible.
After four months of actively searching, submitting cover letters and resumes, networking, etc. I have barely even been asked to interview. My decade of experience has found me working with high-profile clients, making a name for myself within the industry, and allowed me to really improve my skillset. I believe that I am smart, capable, driven, and have all of the qualities an employer would look for in a candidate.
I’m somewhat at a loss now. These days I just feel demoralized, regret leaving my last job, and suffer intense panic attacks regularly at the thought of never being able to continue the career I loved so much but instead work jobs that pay the bills but provide nothing substantive to me. I have been barely getting by on wages earned at a few part-time entry-level jobs but I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life like this.
What am I doing wrong? My resume was always sufficient enough to land me whatever next job I really wanted; my writing skills, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness are apparent in every cover letter I submit. Is it possible I was simply overvalued and now I’m finding that out the hard way? I’m growing desperate and feel that the longer I go without more job security the more my mental health will deteriorate and the harder it will be for me to get reacclimatized to the work I used to do.
Any and all feedback, advice, etc. is greatly appreciated.

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