Should I take a $30,000 pay cut to work for NASA?

I’m currently evaluating a remote NASA role. The catch is they told me the salary then lowered it by $30,000 once they made me the offer.

They said it’s because of unexpected budget issues.

They were going to match my current salary. So essentially I would have to take a $30,000 pay cut which would make finances a bit stressful. Doable, but it would definitely mean being a bit worried about finances.

Super cool offer but I’m also weighing this against another offer (oil and gas) that would be above my currently salary making it a $50,000 pay gap.

NASA sounds like it would be such an epic experience but not sure with such a financial burden.

Does anyone work at NASA? Any thoughts here?

Edit: got some very good feedback to add numbers. Im currently at $120,000 and they want me to drop to $90,000. I’m in a location that has a higher cost of living.

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