Do you have a better chance of becoming a millionaire as a highly paid executive or as a small business owner? Which is the better risk/reward?

This might seem like a dumb question, but say you have interest in a career in business and you have a well rounded set of skills in strategy development, leadership and lots of practical work experience in a specific industry. If you wanted to leverage those skills to make the most amount of money, would it make more sense to try to climb the ladder at a large company or set your sights on someday owning your own business?

For a more specific example, which would be more difficult: becoming the Chief Information Security Officer at a tech company like Google by climbing the corporate ladder in the tech industry, or starting/owning a small IT security company that is successful enough to pay yourself a comparable salary to Google’s CISO?

Most of the millionaires I know are either executives at fortune 500s *or* started their own thing. Curious which people think is harder to achieve millionaire status with.

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