How much pressure should I be putting in this situation?

So in March, the director of our department left abruptly. Naturally, everything went into chaos, but I was able to transition all his responsibilities to myself, and have been heading the department ever since. They even gave me his desk and very expensive laptop. But they haven’t replaced him, promoted me, or given me a raise. I now report to my old directors boss.

I have asked her multiple times if they plan on filling his position, and she always says “yes we want you to do it! I’m going to ask the CEO but I’m waiting for the right time! He’s in a bad mood lately” or things of that nature. I follow up once a month, but it’s been 5 months now and she always gives me similar responses.

I’m doing EVERYTHING for the department, I am keeping our company afloat and am very appreciated by peers and well respected by the executives I work with at our company. My boss knows this, and she keeps assuring me (even promising me) that she is going to take care of it soon. I’m getting severely burnt out and frustrated that my pay and title are the same as the people I hire, manage, and train.

Do I keep pressing her? Be patient? Go over her head straight to CEO? Thank you!

PS: This is a very small company vibes btw, no formal HR. So please consider that when giving advice; things work a little differently with small companies where everything is a bit looser and less organized

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