Management wants to call me a Product Specialist; I want to be a Product Manager. Who’s right, and is this worth struggling over?

* I am currently a Support Specialist at my company. I’ve worked here for almost 4 years. There is no career development process or policy at this company, so I’ve been stuck.
* My position involves a lot of things, including discussing product requirements, and writing SQL for reviewing product performance, fixing, and enhancing features.
* Management has recently launched a restructuring plan, including giving many people new job descriptions.
* They offered me the new title of “Product & Support Specialist.”
* I countered with “Product Manager,” because I will be working under the Senior Product Manager and – supposedly – eventually – helping produce a product backlog and work with the development team and meeting with customers to design new products. This is the direction I want to move in.
* I say supposedly and eventually, because in reality I will probably just be responding to support tickets, until they hire new support staff (which is part of the plan).
* They responded with a choice between Product Specialist and Project Manager.
* I didn’t get a full explanation as to why Product Manager doesn’t work, but we’ll be talking again. the COO of the company said the main issue is that Product Manager implies more involvement in market research than what the role will be.

My questions for you are:

1. Am I right in thinking that Product Specialist isn’t quite moving me as much in the direction of my Product Manager goal as I think it is?
2. If so, is it worth fighting for Product Manager? It could be a battle.
3. Does my company’s resistance to offering me the Product Manager title make sense? (My feeling is that the real reason is, if they make me Product Manager, they’d feel responsible for paying m more – but maybe it’s valid).

LMK if you need more info.
Thank you, friends!

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