not a unique question but should i choose practicality?

hi there! i’m 16 and already worrying about my choices for uni. i spent my summer religiously scrolling on reddit and being anxious. i’m from the philippines and i plan to study in australia. i would love to learn english, but the thing is we’re not that well-off so i’m worried about wasting my money on studying abroad. i can study in my country but my mom keeps on insisting and i don’t blame her because my country is literally in a crisis. my top 3 choices right now are economics, finance, and english. i think i’ll learn to like econ but i’m also not the greatest at math. the finance one is something i’m rlly not passionate about but i don’t have a safety net so i would say it’s my safest option. i’m sorry, i know you’re going to tell me that i should just live in the present but i just don’t like not setting specific plans, i don’t think i can afford to fail (financially) since i also have a single mother who always tell me that i’ll be responsible for her when i grow up. i hav seen some ppl say that they regretted studying english and it’s driving me insane. but i rlly do want to learn english even if i don’t read 100 books a year or don’t read much classics. i don’t know what i want and i feel so lost because my peers are already decided. i know we can all feel this way but i think i’m just average in all things, i’m not that great w english nor science nor math. just fine, i don’t even know if it’s enough. i don’t want to grow up but ik it’s not just me who feels this way, all of us don’t really have a choice? but i want to seek advice for people older than me and hav gone through this, just to give me a bit more clarity.

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