Should I bother applying to a job $100k/yr over my target salary?

I found a dream job – the position description matched me to a T and the company is something that I am deeply passionate about (it’s a subject that launched me into my entire career). However, the posted salary is $100k more than than how much I am wanting to make ($185k vs $285k).

I know that it “doesn’t hurt to apply” but my hesitation is simply with the magnitude of the job. It’s a big company dealing with things at a national/global level. Most of the employees have PHD’s and Masters Degrees. The company that I am at right now is very small, but I made my company look pretty damn good. The job is a communications position.

What do big companies see/think when they see an applicant doing a job at a smaller company? Should I expect to be able to do it? I feel highly competent, but I just don’t have experience at that size. If found the person who had the job previously and her resume is pretty extensive.

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