28M, what can I do next?

So for back story I was a Mold Technician for a company in Kentucky for roughly 4 years. I did welding (Mig & Stick), ran a overhead crane, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. I really enjoyed the job but it was dangerous, I ended up losing my coworker to a accident with the crane. I went through a rough divorce and ended up leaving the field and have job hopped since.

I currently graduate this month as a licensed massage therapist and plan on doing this part time for a good while as so throughly enjoy helping people feel better but it will not put me where I want to be financially. I started college in my early 20s for IT and dropped out due to working night shifts so I never finished even though I was close to my associates. Unfortunately I think my credits are expired so I’d have to retake those courses.

I have always loved working on computers/tech and still do to this day, it always seemed to come easy to me.

My S/O is a nurse and works hard to provide for us, I really don’t want to go back to blue collar work as I truly hated that line of work besides welding. I know she would like to start travel nursing soon and obviously I’d like to go with her but practicing LMT in other states can get expensive with other licenses etc.

My question is what would you recommend knowing this information and I appreciate the time anyone takes to respond. Have a wonderful day.

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