30M: Should I switch from working in Information Technology to becoming an Auto Mechanic?

I’m a 30-year-old individual who has dedicated 10 years to the information technology field. I hold certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA etc… In my home country, securing IT jobs was never an issue. However, since relocating to the US, I’ve encountered challenges on the job front. Despite sending out 16 resumes over the past month, I have yet to receive any responses. The job offerings I’ve come across here offer salaries ranging from 40k to 90k. In my previous position, I was earning 70k. Unfortunately, I had to leave my previous job because the company didn’t have enough billable work for me to do.

English is not my native language, but I excel at resolving technical IT issues and explaining them to fellow IT professionals. However, I struggle when it comes to communicating with non-tech-savvy individuals or engaging in casual conversations. I often find it difficult to recall specific English words. Expanding my vocabulary has proven to be a significant challenge, and I’m uncertain if I’ll ever fully overcome it. Given that I lack friends in the US, my opportunities to converse in English are primarily limited to the workplace.

In the realm of information technology, I believe the highest attainable salary for me is around 80k. Pursuing more advanced roles, such as a Project Manager, would necessitate a stronger command of English. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy working on my car and don’t mind getting my hands dirty. While I possess experience in basic car maintenance tasks like oil changes, brake replacements, strut adjustments, and sway bar installations etc.., I haven’t ventured into more advanced automotive projects. I anticipate an initial income ranging from 30k to 40k, with the potential to reach 70k as I gain more experience and secure ASE Certifications. Is this transition a viable long-term career choice? Thanks.

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